Scarboro Residence

This amazing transformation is located in the Scarboro Residence of Calgary, Alberta. Our clients wanted to renovate their home so it was more spacious for their family of six by expanding the side of the house and completely renovating the exterior and interior to bring it to the 21st century. Their original house was built in the 80’s and had a mid century modern vibe. They wanted the exterior to have a more clean and modern style but keep the mid-century modern vibe inside. The family is a young active family so we wanted to design an interior that was young and vibrant to reflect their lifestyle. The bright white walls let the colours pop while the maple floor provides softness and warmth. The kitchen was the most important space in the house, the clients love to cook and spend time as a family in the kitchen space. We focused a lot of our time in this area to make sure the functionality and layout was perfected for their cooking styles. We also added seating at the peninsula so they could gather but stay clear of the chef! To add fun to the kitchen, we decided to go with a baby blue tile in a geometric shape, the backsplash adds the young and fun aspect we wanted this kitchen to have. The walnut cabinets beautifully speak to the mid century vibe, adding depth, and creating a beautiful contrast against the white countertops. We love how this project turned out and can see our clients growing and enjoying this home for years to come.

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