Varsity Residence – Kitchen

It’s been amazing seeing the transformation of this home and also working alongside amazing people to make it a reality. Our clients bought this house in Varsity because of the views and amount of sunlight that could flow through the interior but it needed a major renovation. The house was straight out of the 1960’s, I’m pretty sure every wall was wallpapered with retro designs, every room was enclosed and it had a beautiful bright orange carpet throughout. This project was definitely a complete gut and a little more. We took out a lot of walls, vaulted the living room ceiling, added bigger windows and sliding doors throughout the house to bring in more sunlight and the beautiful views. This was a complete home transformation from the 60’s to a contemporary home design that stands the test of time.

“We found Maria to be kind, generous with her time, and willing to discuss concerns and explore new ideas with us. Her confidently humble personality sets her apart from other designers that we interviewed, and her pricing was much more reasonable than many of her competitors. In fact, her economical referrals (eg. to have furniture custom-made) along with her designer’s discounts added up to very significant savings – enough to pay her fees!! So, we were able to build a ‘stellar’ home for about the same cost as building a ‘not-so-stellar’ home without her. We would never attempt another renovation without her help!”
Stacy & Reg
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